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A 'touching sight': How babies' brains process touch builds foundations for news brain hand footlearning -Washington University

These images illustrate two views of the left hemisphere of the brain. Image A shows the location where infants in the experiment processed a touch to the hand; image B shows where, in the brain, they processed a touch to the foot.

Credit: UW Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences


Date:          January 16, 2018

Source:      University of Washington

Summary:  A new study provides one of the first looks inside the infant's brain to show where the sense of touch is processed -- not just when a baby feels a touch to the hand or foot, but when the baby sees an adult's hand or foot being touched, as well. Researchers say these connections help lay the groundwork for the developmental and cognitive skills of imitation and empathy.

See story here: https://www.washington.edu/news/2018/01/16/a-touching-sight-how-babies-brains-process-touch-builds-foundations-for-learning/




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