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Why it is important for Baby Massage Teachers to have CPD Updates and refresher training



Most individuals in work will at sometime require, or be required to enhance their expertise and skills in their chosen field or specialty. This can be through more advanced studies from undertaking post graduate education or by simply taking a refresher course to upgrade knowledge, which can be done in the pursuance of personal and professional development. Gone are the days when anyone employed might obtain basic qualifications, then work through their employment without recourse to the process of life long learning and practical, academic or professional review. It is not just for doctors, nurses, other health professionals, practitioners, therapists, teachers, etc., to constantly up date their knowledge, methods and work practices or providing information about conduct, performance and competence. It now appears that no one can escape the process of continuing professional development (CPD) and having to consider regularly setting standards to meet our personal performance, competence, practice and skills in the work place.

CPD is a range of life-long learning activities in your chosen professional field that can contribute to the development of learning, knowledge and skill of your current or evolving role; to ensure you practice safely, effectively and legally from when an individual first qualifies (Mark Potter, 2008).

The Guild of Sensory Development  (GofSD) committee recognises that even with baby massage and positive touch teaching there is a need for constant refining and maintenance of our knowledge and skills and in particular, where we can all be advantaged by setting standards for ourselves and learning from some professional experience in whatever form or guise this may be presented. There is also a legal responsibility for baby massage teachers to protect the health and well being of those who use our services, which of course goes hand in hand with good standards of conduct and performance, which is set out in the GICM philosophy and Code of Practice and Ethics.

Beverley Wright
Senior Lecturer Anglia Ruskin University (Former Vice Chair of the GICM)

Half-day CPD Baby Massage Stroke Review Course

Along with the Guild we, at Touch-Learn, believe it is vital for the safety and well-being of infants and their parents that all our qualified infant massage teachers should undertake regular stroke reviews to ensure that their practice remains safe.  In addition the course will be an excellent refresher on Touch-Learn’s philosophies of empowering parents, non-directive teaching and respectful communication with babies.  An excellent half-day course to keep your skills current, update you on the current research and will revitalise your enthusiasm for your teaching!

Touch-Learn holds regular CDP Update workshops. 

 Please click here for more information:  Stroke Review 

 January 2018

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