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Dear Touch-Learn Teacher Use Zoom

I hope you are safe and well in these very uncertain times.  We have received a number of queries from Touch-Learn Teachers how best they might support parents during this period of lock-down. The Touch-Learn office has been affected by the coronavirus, both myself and Sophie have been ill and have now made a full recovery, and my husband, David, has spent a period of two weeks in intensive care, thankfully came home yesterday and is now convalescing.  

Therefore, I fully understand your need to carry on and provide some normality for the parents you support in the community.  Using technology is a great way to do that however, the Touch-Learn programmes are Copyrighted, and the intellectual property belongs to me (with the exception of Baby Signing Teacher programme that belongs to Joanne Briley) and must not be replicated at all, either electronically or hardcopy.  Therefore I must insist our Teachers do not put baby massage class videos, or any other of our classes on a platform say, Facebook page.

However, if you wish to use technology to reach your parents, please select a platform that protects my intellectual property and the Touch-Learn programmes and supports parents in a safe manner.  I recommend Zoom, or similar such platform.  Many people are using that at the moment and it allows you to invite select people to your real time meeting/class without the need to film the session. 

For the safety of the babies please keep the Zoom class to one-to-one or just a small group of parents so that Teachers can see the parents performing the the massage or yoga, to ensure safety and Code of Ethics of safe practice is maintained.    Independent teachers can still charge for their classes using Zoom.  All of our programmes are insured by IPTI and they have informed us that due to the current climate their underwriters have covered our Teachers for classes they do using media providing all safety precutions are followed.  However, if you are one of our independent Teachers using another insurer or work for NHS, local government or other, please check with your public liability insurance that you are covered before you undertake any classes using social media. 

I hope you understand and please do get in touch if you have any further queries. I, and the Touch-Learn team, wish you all the best in these uncertain and difficult times. 

Kindest regards

Anita Thomas-Epple
Managing Director
Touch-Learn International Ltd
6 April 2020

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