Massage for Premature Babies and Babies with Special Needs – Wed 16th Oct 2024 (Zoom)

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Massage for Premature Babies and Babies with Special Needs CPD Workshop

An online certified CPD 1-day (9.30am-4.30pm) supplementary programme for qualified Baby Massage Teachers who wish to offer support to parents with premature babies, or babies with special needs.

Programme includes:

  • A baby massage/positive touch routine for premature babies
  • A baby massage routine for sick neonates
  • Supporting infant-parent interaction through positive touch
  • Understanding the requirements of children with special needs and how to adapt massage techniques and routines as required
  • Giving consideration to the emotional journey of the parents and the physiological effects of stress on parents, babies and the whole family


  • Encourages infant-parent interaction and communication through positive touch
  • Supports bonding and attachment
  • Enhances parent confidence and parenting skills
  • Enhances physical and cognitive development


Each student will need the following:

  • Demonstration Doll: A Prem and/or Newborn doll (42cm and/or 60cm doll)* with a soft bodied middle, flexible arms and legs and their regular infant massage demonstration doll
  • Book: Infant Massage: The Definitive Guide For Teaching Parents**
  • Access to a laptop/PC (the workshop is delivered live online via Zoom)

*Obtainable from Touch-Needs:

**Obtainable from Touch-Learn International Ltd 01889 566222



Course Curriculum

Resources for Massage for Special Needs & Prem Babies

  • Teaching Resources & Parent Handouts
  • Compendium
  • Research/Articles